STOP, LOOK and listen to your mind.        Arte por: CARINA LOMELI/Art by: CARINA LOMELI.

Carina Lomeli has been selected to our annual exhibition, "ONE: Mind, Body, Spirit." 

Mujeres de Maiz
1300 East 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033

March 6th - Exhibition opens -
Mujeres de Maiz 19th Anniversary Live Art Show Festival
Sun. 3/6, 6:00pm-10:00pm.
$10-$20 Donation at the door, sliding scale.
*Fundraiser for Mujeres de Maiz
March 10th - Artist talk (7-9PM)
March 26th, Closing Reception

The opening is taking place the same day as the Mujeres de Maiz “Live Art Show” event. 
Artist talk Not Yet Determined who participants are.

An Intercultural, Interdisciplinary Intergenerational Arts Experience w/ performance ofrendas of music, spoken word, dance, artisans and vendors featuring womyn and queer/trans people of color.
All Ages w/ very limited seating. Event is wheelchair accessible. Please inbox us for accommodation needs.
This is a Alcohol and Drug Free Event for the health of our communities and families.
One: Mind, Body Spirit - Art Exhibition
A group exhibit featuring womyn of color artists with the theme “One: Mind Body Spirit”
One: Mind, Body Spirit - Artist Talk
Thurs, 3/10, 7-9pm
Artists in the exhibition will share about their work.

Saatchi Art:

Message to the 1%

Now that our oceans are poisoned
Now that our air is filled with chem trail aluminum particles
Will you realize that you are the reason for this mess
and that you must let us influence your actions.

Instead of being intolerant of other countries
because of your fear of terrorism destroying our beloved country of freedom,
The country where people starve,
where education is the least important on purpose,
the country that holds 57% of the worlds prisoners,
where Bankruptsy is a norm
where corperations have feelings and more rights than a human.

Life is hectic
and full of political disclosure about the laws,
social justice and financial collapse.
do you not notice the police brutality?
All these things are long term problems
hovering my mind when I think?
what will my children be left with?
I try to not submit to the fear of living in a Police State,
that kills journalists,
that continues to provoke eternal wars
in the Middle east, Africa, Mexico, and All south america.......  

Dediquemonos a hacer el cambio,
agradescan a Dios por ser parte de evolucionar la humanidad
es algo continuo que nunca se acaba

Dedicate youself to make change,
be grateful to the creator that you are part of the evolution of humanity
something that continues and is never over

I depend on Freedom of expression

Let yourself become the truth
and the controller of your fate,
we are the majority and as such we dictate
but only when we speak, or paint or act on those thoughts.
The choice is yours.

The bike keeps me connected to the earth
when my body feels the curves of the city
as my heart rate picks up
my breathing accelerates,
the strength grows in my soul as I climb another hill
in a very active city that speaks out
against all topics that most people try to ignore.
And am a witness.