• Art Walk Los Angeles

    Art Walk Los Angeles

    This Thursday spot me at Art Walk LA.
    I will be on spring street between 4th and 5th street.
    5-10pm come chill I'll be painting live!

  • 2 Annual Jardin deLArte: Recentering Los Angeles Art and Artists Art Fair

    2 Annual Jardin deLArte: Recentering Los Angeles Art and Artists Art Fair

    May 20th Friday 6 PM-9 PM - May 21st, Saturday 11 AM - 4 PM

    Grand Park in Downtown L.A.

    San Fernando Valley Art Collective and Self Help Graphics & Art, Jardin deLArte will showcase Los Angeles County painters and fine art printmakers, who’s work represents the vitality and breadth of Los Angeles County’s arts community.

    Stay Tuned, more info TBA.

  • Linus Galleries: All in Due Time

    Current Juried Exhibition Winners

    Ali Nadoom 2
    Beth Sistrunk 1
    Carina Lomeli 1 Yey!
    Deprise Brescia 1
    Dolores Kiriacon 2
    Elisabeth Ladwig 2
    Gloria Bhargava 1
    Haley Manchon 2
    James Weiss 2
    Jennifer Dipper 1
    Jose Pardo 2
    Judit Ladányi 1
    Justin Zielke 2
    Katie Beall 1
    Kelly Burke 2
    Kurstein Keck 1
    Laura Migliorino 3
    Leston Peck 1
    Liza Botkin 1
    Megan Burak 1
    Meline Höijer Schou 2
    Michael Marlitt 1

    Reception: TBA
    Los Angeles Art Galleries in Pasadena and Long Beach

  • Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo / Rescate de Cinco de Mayo

    The San Francisco Living Wage Coalition
    invites you to our Spring art and literature gala

    Cinco de Mayo
    Celebration of Cross-border Unity

    The theme is rescuing Cinco de Mayo from its corporate commercialization
    as "Drinko de Mayo." On May 5, 1862, a people’s militia fought invading
    French troops in the town of Puebla, Mexico, defeating an army twice its
    size. Napoleon was planning to intervene in the U.S. Civil War on the
    side of the slavocracy. The intervention of the French could have been a
    decisive factor leading to a Confederate victory in the Civil War. After
    the battle of Gettysburg, Union forces joined Mexicans in their efforts
    to drive out the French monarchy and reinstall the democratically
    elected President Benito Juarez. Today, more than ever, we need unity in
    a renewed struggle for greater democracy, especially economic democracy.

    Art by Ronnie Goodman, Rene Yanez, Calixto Robles, Carina Lomeli, Doug
    Minkler, Art Hazelwood, Michael Roman, Romeo Osorio, Txutxo Perez, Ana
    Colomo, Ramon Deanda, Charles Blackwell, David Duckworth, Talleres
    Populares 28J, Sara Thustra, Rodger Scott, Nancy Reese, Debra Walker,
    Richard Bermack
    Music by Francisco Herrera, Mario, Elizabeth and Nancy Esteva, Marvin
    Flores, Diego Sardaneta
    Poetry by Tony Robles

    Thursday, May 5
    6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
    Redstone Labor Temple
    2940 – 16th Street, San Francisco
    (between Mission and South Van Ness, half-block from 16th St. BART)

    $5 – admission
    complimentary food and drinks

    a benefit for the San Francisco Living Wage Coalition and Las Hormigas
    in Ciudad Juarez

    For more info, contact the San Francisco Living Wage Coalition,
    (415)863-1225, www.livingwage-sf.org

  • "Resist Series" at South Central Los Angeles Regional Center!

    As of May 20th 2015 the "Resist Series" was donated to the Regional Center by Collectors Laura Alvarez & Margarita Sanchez from Independent Hands. The works are now permanently on display to the public during the healing process. Thank you ladies so much for your contribution to our community!

    South Central Los Angeles Regional Center
    2500 S. Western Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90018


  • Past Shows...

    BFA 2009 Fine Art/Academy of Art University
    BFA 2004 General/Paradise Valley Community College

    Group Exhibitions
    2015 MERGE, Ruby Skye, San Francisco, CA.
    2015 All things Unsettled: Juried Exhibition, Gear Box Gallery, Oakland, CA.
    2015 South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, Los Angeles, CA.
    2015 Art Attack Gallery, San Francisco , CA.
    2014 Spring Art and Literature Gala: Living Wage Fundraiser, San Francisco, CA.
    2014 Contemporary Women, Chico Art Center, Chico, CA.
    2013 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco, CA.
    2013 The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
    2013 Spring Art and Literature Gala: Living Wage Fundraiser, San Francisco, CA.
    2012 Narcolandia, Couagula Curatorial, Los Angeles, CA.
    2012 Spring Art and Literature Gala: Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo, 518 Valencia, San Francisco, CA.
    2011 Oilhius Art Exhibit, Ark 221, San Francisco, CA.
    2010 Faculty + Alumni Fine Art Auction, 79 Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
    2010 Redrawing the Lines, Seed Corn Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
    2009 Love, Artist X-change, San Francisco, CA.
    2009 Dermafilia Tattoo Shop, San Francisco, CA.
    2009 Faculty + Alumni Fine Art Auction, 79 Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
    2009 Beyond Boundaries, Seed Corn Gallery, Berkeley, CA.
    2009 Co-Show, 625 Sutter Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
    2009 Hope And Change, Submission Art Space, San Francisco, CA.

    Solo Exhibitions
    2015 International Sports Club, San Francisco, CA.
    2015 Le Promanade Cafe, San Francisco, CA.
    2014 Bikes not Bombs, Salon Macias, San Francisco, CA.
    2014 Cafe Union, San Francisco, CA.
    2014 Melt Cafe, San francisco, CA.
    2013 Pork Store Cafe, San Francisco, CA.
    2013 Activism Art, Mutiny Radio Gallery, San Francisco, CA.
    2012 All is Good, Gestalt Haus Bar, San Francisco, CA.
    2011 Amsterdam Cafe, San Francisco, CA.
    2010 Exhibit, OZ Lounge, San Francisco, CA.
    2010 Presidential Palace, Santiago Tangamandapio, Michoacan, MEX.
    2009 Show, Bean There Café, San Francisco, CA.

    Orange County, California; January 24, 1984.