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Trayvon Martin, Carina Lomeli, Protest, reaction, oppression
Fight the new jim crow
watercolor on paper
10.5" * 7"
July 01, 2012

Photo by Carina Lomeli covering with POOR Magazine

This image was taken at the Million Hoodie march for Trayvon Martin, March 21, 2012 after he was coldly executed. This depicts the Iconic march that shed light in a storm of controlled media where corruption and greed are the main characteristic of policies, justice and currency.
The only thing I can do is document and express in paintings the spontaneous reaction to the oppression that is felt by the whole globe. Though we are many, we are all connected. This painting illustrates the parallel between speaking out in hopes of healing and causing change that must be made in order to free our souls from the deception and dehumanization that surrounds us.