Carina Lomeli Art


September 28th
For cyclists:
Meet @ Crypto Arena 7:30 Roll at 8:30pm

For driving and locals:
from 9:30 - 11pm
Goethe- Institute
1901 W. 7th Street Suite A/B
Los Angeles, CA 90057
One day only!

Special collaboration event with music, art mart, creative space and cycling appreciation.
I’ll have work and vending with other cyclists . Come celebrate the community, art and cycling.
Special Night Owl Thursday Therapy ride with Cyco Sunday!

About Carina Lomeli:
As an artist/journalist I like to travel the world and express in my paintings how humans, nature and ideas affect each other, giving the world a unique perspective on observations and situations that come about daily and historically, as well as social and psychological issues.
The process of my paintings consists of trying to be everywhere in Califaztlan where cultural and social communities come together for one common purpose. Whenever I see a striking, thought provoking, and conceptual image before my eyes I grab a hold of my camera. The image must contain a certain idea or question with just the right mood. If there is a story I will capture it, if the quality is just right, I will paint it. My art comes from my real life and dreams in the West Coast.