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Born in the state of California in 1984, Carina Lomeli moved with her family to
Santiago Tangamandapio, Michoacan, Mexico (1990-1994). In these years she was
musically inclined and was involved heavily in church. In 1994 she again moved, to
Phoenix Arizona (1994-2003), where she discovered her effortless ability to imagine and
create visual stories. Teachers encouraged Carina to become a Fine Artist. The outcome
has been that of revolution and struggle through acquiring all skills and tools to
become a great artist and observer after graduating from the Academy of Art University.
She has worked with several artists and revolutionary organizations such as POOR
Magazine, to not only make works of art but to also help the
so supportive of a unique and challenging passion.

“As an artist/journalist I like to travel the world and express in my paintings how
humans, nature and ideas affect each other, giving the world a unique perspective on
observations and situations that come about daily and historically, as well as social and
psychological issues.”

The body of work called: The Resist Series, was created after she visited her
parents' home town on a trip to Michoacan July, 13-28th where, fortunately, the 2010
Fiesta of Santiago Tangamandapio was going on. Every night for 6 days the central plaza
was full of marked days performances, fireworks, parades, night shopping, disco or art.
Even if it was raining the crowds would come out every day. The title given to this series
emphasizes the importance of community town events that are crucial to the harmony
of a single town of 20,000 people where they struggle together, celebrate together and
learn together the history of our Nation, culture and town.

“Contrary to the everyday violent news coming out of Mexico, Michoacan, I hope
to show the prosperous cultural side that is constantly left out of the media. As a Xicana
who annually goes back to my only home, grandparents and cousins I would like to
show the richness in the culture that await in my return.”

"Resist Series" at South Central Los Angeles Regional Center!

As of May 20th 2015 three works in the "Resist Series" were donated to the Regional Center by Collectors Laura Alvarez & Margarita Sanchez from Independent Hands. Works include Dancers 3, 4 & 5, They are now permanently on display to thousands of people during the healing process . Thank you ladies so much for your contribution to our community!

South Central Los Angeles Regional Center
2500 S. Western Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90018


Dancer 1
Oil On Canvas
11" * 14"
Dancer 2
Oil on Canvas
16.00" x 12.00"
Dancer 3
Oil on Canvas
16.00" x 12.00"
Dancer 4
oil on canvas
12" * 16"
Dancers 6
Oil on canvas
15" * 30"
Dancers 7
Oil on canvas
15" * 30"