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Golden Gate Bridge #2
Golden Gate Bridge #2
oil on canvas
18" * 30"

The wall of wind slows my bike down as it crosses the Golden Gate Bridge on any day around evening in this great city of San Francisco. Over looking the bridge to see the sun setting on a blanket of ocean I keep pedaling through the second gust of wind. When I arrive at the opposite side around speculators, admirers, tourists and lovers you can see the entire body of the land, full of curves and clouds. I cannot capture the amazing scene in one shot, a little composition was in order as I took three pictures, one of each part of the city. A shot of downtown, a shot of the middle and finally the Presidio and the Golden Gate Bridge.

A place where every single person must go If you visit California for just one time. The place where I, a ten year resident take myself to ride the bike when I need a workout, a rush or just an amazing image. As a Xicana impressionist artist I constantly take pictures every where I go, and as many Bay Area residents know the camera is a weapon and a tool to communicate, and educate a society that is open to change and helping each other, and thus the planet. I have lived in many places Michoacan, Arizona and Orange County but I must say, the Bay Area is truly unlike any other environment. When I decide to move to my next destination, I want to have concrete evidence and memories to take me back to the feeling of riding my bike around the city and recall the positive impact this has had in my life. It is an inspiration to live in one of the few cities where you can live, work and play on your bike everyday.