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Artists participating:
Favianna Rodriguez - Prints / Julio Salgado & Raymundo Hernández - Prints / Paz de la Calzada & Eliza Barrios - Public Art Intervention / Marc Hors & Indira Urrutia - Photography / Carina Lomeli - Paintings / Marsha Shaw - Prints / Adrián Arias - Drawings

MCCLA Galleries
Exhibition: August 14 - September 21, 2013.

Opening Reception: August 14, 7:13 pm | $5 admission
Live music by Classical Revolution String Quartet

Talk by the artists: September 18, 7pm, free | show ends Sept. 21

Untitled is an invitation, to stop, see, feel and explore the environment, to understand the process of being in a physical or mental place, and develop a new language. Migration, intervention, documentation, visual thinking and interpretation of family and societal dreams, are some of the points of departure of this unique exhibit featuring Bay Area artists.