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Overlooked Circumstance II
Overlooked Circumstance II
April 22, 2008

2nd part of a tryptic Juxtapose, can be sold separately.

A tale of poverty: Bearly able to support himself by selling pet fish on a Kingston street, Joseph Petgrave now looks for his job in a factory. His daughter Kaya, abondened by her mother, lives with her grandmother and cousins in Frankling Town, a poor but clean Kingston neighborhood. In the ghetto areas of Kingston, crowded with Jamaicans from rural areas looking for work, desperation gnaws at the edges of the good life and sometimes flares into violence as gang leaders rule their territories with guns. Nearly 700 people were killed, mostly in the ghettos, during waves of violence that preceded the election of 1980.

-National Geographic, 1985

Price Upon Request.