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14" by 14"

Even thought in my younger years I would listen to Madonna all the time, I now reject her music as I further discover the Mind Control behind any and all famous trend setter music. It was particularly obvious during the Half time show in the Superbowl 2012.
If you have not seen it look it up and Judge yourself, What is the message? During these recent months artist like Rhianna, Justin Bieber, MIA, Katty Perry, Jay Z and many more use symbols of wealth, death and satanism. What is especially interesting to me is how the American Population on the past has followed artists in their religious transformations. Why so much interest? However now artists openly admit that during performances they get ‘taken over‘ by spirits. Why are people killing each other in school or at home? Why are younger girls developing dual personalities? Its all connected. Turn off the TV and listen to your heart and mind.