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All is good
All is good
Oil, India ink, & Galkyd


Photographer: Ben Walther Black Frame All is Good is one of my most recent paintings. A close friend Ben Walther was sharing his photographs from a notorious trip through Europe: Amsterdam, Germany, Spain and finally France. Out of all the pictures, I came upon this and fell in love. The lighting, the subject: a heavy male, the bright reds caused by the unprofessional camera, the way his hair told a story of carelessness and adventure. My underlining attention for this piece comes from the not so complementing angle that brings me closer to the subject. “All is good” as the Title says, speaks about looking beyond the surface, acknowledging a person’s careless and happy state, this moment and reaction of the subject withdrawals me from where I stand and into a simple and colorful fantasy world. Our world is also surrounded by images, Ideas and now pictures, how these tools are used becomes an esthetic. The unprofessional camera becomes a recognized icon among the masses, the masses that lack the money or technology. I tend to visually speak about the fears and insecurities of peoples without a voice: immigrants, homeless, mothers, natives and people that are pushed around by powerful people without morals or a conscience. However this piece is optimistic and full of wonder and hope. When humans travel they are faced with more views and opinions then even getting an education, how we travel and open ourselves to new ideas determines weather we kill each other or live in harmony. The expressive and rhythmic style of this painting conveys a passion in which it was created. I started with the drawing and added rough applications of oil paints and pigments that underline the improbability of beauty in reality, and its imperfection. Colors are bright and contrasts are high, opposites attract and keep each other alive… visually speaking.